Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments Facials Market Rasen Microdermabrasion Lincolnshire

Our Facial Treatments are carried out by our highly trained therapists. 

Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion are carried out during our skin clinic by our facials specialist. 

If you’re unsure if a treatment is right for you and would like advice on our facial treatments contact us. 

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  • A blade removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz to leave a perfect base for make up. Essentially a deep exfoliation treatment with the added bonus of removing facial hair.

Dermaplaning + Mask

  • All the benefits of Dermaplaning combined with a skin specific Casmara hydrojelly Mask which cools the skin and locks in skin perfecting ingredients.

Melasin Pigmentation Treatment

  • After MD your skin is perfectly primed to absorb products more effectively. This skin lightening serum helps fade age spots and pigmentation. The skin is sealed after absorption with ice globe rollers.

Casmara Hyrdojelly Mask

  • An Algae based mask to cool your skin after a session of Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning. It cools your skin to 6 degrees, trapping in a cocktail of skin perfecting ingredients. After your deep exfoliation, this mask works to maximum effect. A skin specific mask will be chosen to meet your individual needs

Skinbase Microdermabrasion

  • Exfoliation treatment using a fine stream of crystals. This helps to remove blocked pores, brighten the complexion, smooth fine lines and assist with scar reduction, achieving a glowing appearance.
  • Patch Test Required
  • Not suitable for clients with autoimmune disorders

Microdermabrasion Course of 3

  • Microdermabrasion sessions, to work down to the deeper layers of your skin and target fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, acne scarring and under eye shadows. Collagen production and circulation will be boosted and your skin will look more even in tone and colour.
  • Patch Test Required

Hydrating Facial

  • Our basic facial is perfect for refreshing your skin and giving it a glow. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and a rich hydrating moisturiser.