Lash Treatments

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All of our lash treatments are carried out by highly trained therapists following a full consultation to ensure you we leave you with the exact results you have in mind and lashes that will compliment your eyes and work with your every day routine. 

If you’re unsure which service is most suitable for you contact us for a chat. 

Hair and beauty treatments

Lash Tint

  • Lashes are cleaned before a rich, dark tint is applied to enhance your natural lashes.
  • Patch Test Required

Russian Volume

  • For an even fuller look for your lashes. Fans of lash extensions are applied to give a super fluffy look.
  • Patch Test Required

Lash Lift

  • The perfect, long-lasting alternative to mascara. Leave lashes uplifted and darker to enhance your natural lashes.
  • Patch Test Required

SVS Lashes

  • As full as russian volume but with a fluffier, more natural look. SVS are perfect if you want a wow for your eyes.
  • Patch Test Required

Classic Lashes

  • Natural lash extensions to enhance your eyes with thicker, fuller and darker lashes. Each set is designed especially for you.
  • Patch Test Required

Lash Infill

  • Infills for any of our lash extension services. Out grown lashes will be removed before your chosen infills.
  • Patch Test Required